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Why certain military roles seem to lead to higher divorce rates

A recent analysis of census data conducted by the career site Zippia has shown that two factors combined seem to have a high probability in resulting in divorce. Those two factors include at least one spouse being the military and a couple getting married under age of 30. Those who work as auto mechanics or logistics come in a close second in terms of divorce rates.

In case you're wondering what it is about workers in these industries that makes them more apt to get divorced, for one, it has to do with stress. When it comes to those in the military, though, other factors such as frequent moving, lengthy deployments and inferior pay compared to civilian salaries are suspected to play a large role.

Child custody cases can be stressful for children

Child custody cases are sometimes full of difficult situations. It seems as though some parents can't separate what happened with them and their ex to be able to think clearly about the child. This is a horrible situation because it can put a lot of stress on the child. We know that most parents truly want what is best for their child and we are here to help those parents.

There is something important that you have to remember in a child custody case -- your child is an innocent party. Your child didn't cause the divorce and doesn't need to be stuck in the middle of it. Instead, you and your ex should take steps to try to reduce the stress that your child feels because of the situation.

Boy abandoned in Mexico now back with his dad in the USA

A 4-year-old boy from El Paso and his father have been reunited after the child was abandoned in Ciudad Juarez by his biological mother. According to the father's attorney, the parents have agreed that the child should be in the father's custody.

The estranged parents agreed to a custody arrangement where the father retains legal custody. His 25-year-old mother faces charges that she abandoned her son in February in an empty warehouse.

Why are divorce rates for female servicemembers rising?

In 2016, about 6.6 percent of female service members got divorced compared to about 2.6 percent of males. For military men, there was no change in the percentage of divorces since 2013; however, the percent of military women who divorced rose by almost half a percent from 2015. What is the reason for the slight, but noticeable, increase?

A RAND Corp researcher who studies military divorce said, "For the men, it's quite stable, but for the women, this wasn't a great year. You see a notable increase in every active-duty service, and you see the end of what had been a yearly decline in the Army."

Should we sign a postnuptial agreement?

The success of many marriages depends upon the attitudes of the spouses toward joint finances. It's why many couples choose to sign prenuptial agreements before marrying.

But for others, prenups aren't on file when fiscal disasters loom on the horizon. But these couples still have the option to sign postnuptial agreements if they so choose.

Divorce and Health Savings Accounts

It's been 13 years since Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) started, and by now, many of the accounts have large balances. If you and your spouse are divorcing, how is the HSA going to be handled?

HSAs are tax-exempt accounts and contributions are generally made directly from an employee's pay. While there aren't any restrictions as far as income, they need to be used with health insurance plans that have high deductibles. Qualified medical expenses can be paid for out of HSA accounts, even if you aren't working at the same employer where you set it up or you are covered by Medicare.

Know how you can protect your credit during a divorce

Keeping your credit score up is one consideration that you might have during a divorce. There are a few reasons why your credit score might dip during or after a divorce. One is something that you likely can't do much about -- your income. The others involve bill payments and similar factors.

When it comes to your income, you can't change this unless you get a new job, a raise or a promotion. In most cases, the income noted on your credit report will go down because of the loss of your ex's income. This impacts the debt-to-income ratio, which can impact your creditworthiness.

5 questions to ask before signing a prenup

While you may be ready to say "I do," and spend the rest of your life in wedded bliss, you may find that your soon-to-be spouse wants to talk about signing a prenuptial agreement before he or she strolls down the aisle. Here are some questions you should know the answers to before your marriage license formally binds you two together.

1. Do you need a prenup? A prenup has long been thought of as a document that only the wealthiest of couples really needed. Today, though, more and more couples are turning to prenups in order to protect assets they are each bringing into the marriage, a business owned by one spouse or children from a previous marriage or relationship.

Does your ex have to tell you about vacation plans?

It's summer vacation. Your ex has the kids for a week, in keeping with your child custody agreement. You both live in Fort Worth, so you assume the kids are just a few miles away, like always.

Then you see pictures start coming up on social media. Your kids are posting them from Colorado, where they're hiking in the mountains with your ex. You're shocked, since your ex never said a word about the trip, and you had no idea where they were going.

U.S. Supreme Court: No offset of vet's retirement pay

In 1991, an Air Force veteran divorced his wife, with the court awarding the wife half of her ex's retirement pay. In 2005, the vet learned that he was eligible for a 20 percent disability rating. Since disability pay is not taxable, the vet decided to waive $250 of his monthly $1,500 retirement pay. His retirement pay is taxable.

His ex-wife's divorce settlement was reduced by $125. She returned to court, arguing that she should get half of his retirement pay without the $250 waiver. The Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act (USFSPA) lists how military retirement pay will be divided when a military couple divorces. The Supreme Court in Arizona agreed with her, but according to the USFSPA, a vet's retirement pay cannot be divided

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