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October 2013 Archives

Ways to cut divorce costs

Couples in Texas who find that divorce is imminent might be interested to learn about different ways they can keep their divorce costs down. While divorce can be emotionally draining, it can also have deep financial repercussions. There are a few tips that individuals can keep in mind when preparing for divorce proceedings.

Study reveals divorce trends

Texas residents may be interested in some trends that emerged when Brown University researchers analyzed data accumulated from a study conducted for the past several decades. Although the study began in order to determine risk factors associated with heart disease, researchers acquired a great deal of additional data that uncovered some social trends.

Long-term separations

Couples in Texas and elsewhere going through marital problems sometimes choose to live separately as a method of avoiding the hassle and expense of divorce. In reality, it can create more financial headaches the more years the marriage remains in limbo.

Divorce and college financial aid

Parents of in Texas and elsewhere who are interested in obtaining financial aid for their college-bound children are required to file a standardized application for federal student aid (FAFSA) that requires certain financial disclosures. The income of the parents has a direct effect on the amount of aid that may be available. The rules for divorced families are somewhat different from that of married ones.

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