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March 2015 Archives

Garnishment options to collect child support

Texas parents who are not receiving their court-ordered child support payments may be interested in some of the options that may be available to them. Since child support is mandatory once ordered, enforcement is available through several sources, including garnishment of some Social Security benefits and income tax refunds.

Applying for a protective order

Domestic violence is a problem in Texas that often goes unreported. According to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, nearly one million women were battered in 2006 alone. However, during the same year, the Texas Department of Public Safety only received 186,868 incident reports about domestic violence.

The impact of catastrophic illness on divorce rates

Texas residents are likely aware that significant life changes can place enormous stress on even the strongest marriages, and divorce rates often increase sharply during times of economic or social upheaval. A spouse being diagnosed with a catastrophic illness may also place a great deal of strain on a marriage, and researchers from Iowa State University decided to look into how a diagnosis of cancer, lung disease, heart disease or stroke impacted divorce rates among older married couples.

How Texas judges calculate child support payments

Texas parents who are seeking child support or who may be required to pay child support often have questions about how judges calculate the appropriate amount of support. Though judges will often order support payments based on the children's needs or other factors, most child support orders are based upon the assets and income of the person who will pay support.

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