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June 2015 Archives

Yes, divorce is scary but you can survive and thrive

One of the most powerful factors that keeps unhappy couples together is fear. It can be very frightening to consider not just dealing with the divorce itself but facing an entire future without your spouse. After all, at least you know what to expect, even if you are both unhappy. To single people or those in blissful marriages, the idea seems preposterous, but fear really can prevent or delay divorce.

Minimizing the effects of divorce on children

A family law attorney must face numerous issues that go hand-in-hand with divorce. In most cases, parents in the midst of divorce feel extremely overwhelmed. They may fail to notice important issues such as the effect a divorce may be having on the children. Family law attorneys are skilled at handling the legal aspects of divorce, but they also serve as a source of support to the parents they represent. As such, these attorneys can help their clients sort through many of the issues that may be plaguing the children of divorce.

What is a conservator in Texas child support orders?

The words "conservator" and "conservatorship" can be confusing terms for parents struggling through child custody proceedings. The two terms sound like something you might hear from an estate planning attorney rather than a family law attorney, but the explanation is rather straightforward.

Easing the way through a Texas contested divorce

Dissolving a marriage is never exactly easy, but some divorces can be more difficult than others are. A contested divorce is one example of a particularly challenging breakup through the legal system. The reason for the difficulty is the sometimes-unexpected inability of two divorcing spouses to agree on some or all elements of the divorce.

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