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July 2015 Archives

Child custody matters

Few family law issues are as gut wrenching and emotional as child custody proceedings. Often what begins as respectful discussions can escalate into contentious disputes since both parents typically want to remain an active part of their children's lives. While there are occasions when parents can work out child custody and visitation agreements without hostility, it is not usually the norm.

The dilemma of unwed fathers and their parental rights

If you are the biological father of one or more children and your parental rights are being threatened, you might consider taking legal action immediately. In Texas and other areas of the United States, fast action may be the only thing that can save you and your children from a total relationship failure. Why is there a need for such a swift response? Because many people believe biological fathers do not receive the proper due process when their parental rights are terminated.

In a military divorce where you file can make a difference

Active-duty members and spouses of the nation's armed forces are all too familiar with having to relocate often. These families sometimes change locations and military posts several times during the course of serving the country. Most of the time, these relocations proceed as smoothly as possible, but when divorce enters the arena, it can change things dramatically.

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