Texas woman arrested in Alaska for child abduction

| Dec 18, 2012 | Child Custody

A Texas woman was arrested in a child custody case during which it was alleged she took her child illegally from the state of Texas and transported him to Alaska. The Sitka, Alaska, Police Department arrested the woman, acting on a request from the United States Marshals Service for allegedly abducting her son in Amarillo, Texas. She was wanted at the time in Amarillo for interference of custody.

The child has been placed with children’s services pending his return to the lower 48 where he will be reunited with his father. The woman was to be arraigned on charges in Sitka Superior Court. There is no word on possible extradition to Texas to face charges at this time.

The United States Marshals stated that this is the 400th missing child to be recovered under a new program named Operation Pickup. The program combines the forces of the marshals, local law enforcement agencies and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to locate children who have been abducted by their non-custodial parents and return them to their custodial parents.

Custodial interference is a very serious charge. A parent who is convicted of custodial interference can suffer a variety of problems including fines, jail time, and contempt of court. Rather than risk the problems associated with interference of custody, a parent who is worried about having visitation with a child should consult a divorce attorney who can represent that parent’s interests in court. By taking the approved, legal road to custody or visitation, the parent will not run the risk of being found in contempt of court for disobeying a judge’s orders.

Source: Seattle Pi, “Authorities arrest Texas woman, recover child,” Dec. 11, 2012




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