Economic conditions increase divorce rate in Texas town

| Jan 10, 2013 | Family Law

The small city of Borger, Texas, has the 37th highest divorce rate in the United States. Its divorced population has nearly doubled by increasing to by 15 percent in recent years. The increase is attributed to changing economic conditions.

Some people in Borger have suffered economically because of drought. Farmers and ranchers have seen decreases in income as the drought has reduced the productivity of agribusiness. Meanwhile, those who work in Borger’s vast oil complexes have seen increases in income. Changes in a family’s income – either positive or negative – can put stress on the relationship between spouses. The prospect of losing a farm or ranch can cause spouses to consider striking out on their own. Sudden increases in income can also be destructive as individuals may find themselves with enough money to purchase liquor or illegal drugs that may lead to other actions that their spouse of which their spouse doesn’t improve.

In spite of the increase in the divorcees in Borger, divorce lawyers in the area have actually seen a decrease in the number of new cases. A recent decision by the Texas Supreme Court makes it easier for divorcing couples to file their own divorce papers in an uncontested divorce. Some attorneys in the area expect an increase in business as problems arise with the do-it-yourself divorces.

A professional attorney that specializes in family law can help divorcing spouses avoid problems that arise when issues are overlooked by couples who file their own divorce papers. Such an attorney can also help with a post-divorce modification necessary.

Source: “Two-thirds of nation’s cities report increase in divorce” Bloomberg News Service, December 26, 2012




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