Kelsey Grammer’s divorce finally comes to a conclusion

| Jan 5, 2013 | Divorce

Kelsey and Camille Grammer’s long divorce is finally over. The former couple have been battling it out since Camille filed for divorce in July 2010.

Camille Grammer decided to file for divorce after she learned that her husband was having an affair with a British flight attendant, and the two have officially been divorced since February 2011. The former “Frasier” star married the flight attendant that same month, but there were still unresolved issues in the divorce, including disputes over substantial assets that totaled about $60 million. The former couple also had disputes regarding the three properties that they owned and child custody arrangements.

The legal drama between the former couple has been memorialized in television history, with both making incendiary remarks about each other on various television appearances. The long-awaited settlement marks the end of the lengthy divorce process for the two stars, who did not have a prenuptial agreement in place when they married.

High asset divorces are often long and bitter as the couple may potentially battle over every high-priced asset. Prenuptial agreements can help protect the financial security of one of the spouses if he or she has significantly more assets than the other spouse. High asset divorces often require the assistance of skilled family law attorneys who are aware of the various issues concerning these divorces, such as the difficult property division process and alimony matters. Family law attorneys can also assist spouses with developing child custody arrangements, visitation plans and the distribution of parenting time. Post-divorce modifications may be necessary if substantial changes occur after the divorce is finalized.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Kelsey Grammer, Camille Grammer Settle Their Divorce: Report,” Dec. 21, 2012




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