Deion Sanders wins expanded parenting rights in court

| Feb 1, 2013 | Child Custody

Former football and baseball player Deion Sanders won a major victory in a Texas court concerning the child custody terms of his ongoing divorce. Sanders has been locked in a bitter divorce with his former wife, with whom he has three children.

A Collin County judge recently ruled in Sanders’ favor, allowing him and his former wife to share custody of their children, as well as granting Sanders complete control over decisions pertaining to the children’s education, living arrangements and athletic activities. All other parenting decisions will be shared jointly between Sanders and his former wife. Sanders’ ex-spouse previously had control over decisions concerning the children’s education.

The living situation for the children will be different than what was previously established when Sanders had custody of his two boys and his wife their daughter. Due to the judge’s determination that the couple will have joint custody, the children will spend one week at their father’s residence and one week with their mother; a jury trial to officially determine custody will begin in March. Sanders was also ordered to pay his ex-wife $5,500 a month in child support and to pay $108,000 in legal services, but he and his attorneys are pleased that the recent ruling ultimately expanded his parenting rights.

Determining the child custody arrangements during a divorce can be a stressful and emotional process. When mediation is not an option, it is essential to have a skilled family law attorney working to ensure that one’s parenting rights are upheld during the divorce process.

Source: 5 NBCDFW,”Judge: Deion to Make Educational, Residential, Athletic Decisions for Children,”/Frank Heinz, Jan. 16, 2013




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