Automated services may help Texas county family law courts

| Mar 14, 2013 | Family Law

The Domestic Relations Office for El Paso county has formed a strategic partnership with Texas Attorney General Child Support Division. Implementation of Integrated Child Support Services, which will automate the resource-intensive manual system in place since 2000, is a primary goal for the DRO. Automation is expected to provide a number of benefits related to the county’s family law services, including faster enforcement of withholding orders, automatic enforcement actions following 90 days of non-payment and additional resources for parents.

The new system does not provide any additional services compared to the older model. Services remain the same, but one interested attorney believes they will be provided faster and more efficiently than in the past. The manual system of the past sometimes resulted in seriously delinquent accounts due to delays in both enforcement of court orders and processing of employment information. Adoption of the system brings El Paso into line with other major counties in Texas already using the service.

The DRO provides a number of other services that may benefit from automation. These include probation supervision for parents who fail to comply with court ordered child support, assistance in accessing resources and helping separated or divorced individuals with the often difficult task of being a single parent.

Automation may help to speed up the enforcement of child support payments and increase the total collection of payments. Single parents may also receive more timely assistance with their cases and faster access to needed social services. Delinquent child support payments can put single parents in an extremely stressful situation. Parents who need assistance in seeking child support or collecting delinquent payments may find help with a family law attorney.

Source: El Paso Times, “Ouisa Davis: Domestic relations office helps families,” Ouisa D. Davis, March 1, 2013




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