Deion Sanders wins jury vote for custody

| Mar 28, 2013 | Child Custody

A Texas jury awarded former NFL Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders custody of his two sons with estranged wife. The jury decided that Deion Sanders should have full child custody of his 13- and 11-year-old sons and joint custody of his 9-year-old daughter.

Deion Sanders had received temporary custody of the children in May 2012 after he filed for divorce in September 2011. The jury vote was an 11-1 decision, and the jury also voted that the couple should share physical as well as legal custody of the couple’s daughter. Each parent was trying to get full custody of all three children.

Domestic violence accusations were also part of the nasty divorce. Police charged both parents with misdemeanor simple assault when Mrs. Sanders allegedly began kicking a door to the kitchen that was connected to the couple’s bedroom. She then allegedly slapped her husband who responded by grabbing her and carrying her out of the kitchen. Mrs. Sanders spent the night in jail. Both spouses filed for protective orders against the other, but only Deion was awarded an order of protection. The court permitted him to stay in the family home, and Mrs. Sanders was ordered not to be within 500 yards of the property.

Child custody battles often get heated as former partners begin all-out war against each other. If domestic violence has been part of the relationship, the court may consider this information as a factor in determining to whom it should award custody. Many parents retain the services of Texas family law attorneys to assist them with these complex matters and to protect their legal interests.

Source: Hollywood Life, “Deion Sanders Awarded Full Custody Of Sons During Divorce Battle,” Billy Niles, March 12, 2013




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