Texas woman sent to jail for failing to pay child support

| May 4, 2013 | Child Custody

When a court is contemplating which parent can best serve the interests of the children from the relationship, it considers many factors. The court may consider the relationship between each child and each parent and the relationship of the parents. It may also consider the ability of each parent to support education, religious beliefs and morality. The court can also look to which parent may best be able to provide for the financial needs of a child when deciding child custody matters. Regarding this last factor, a Texas woman may have impaired her ability to win a child custody case.

The 39 year old woman from Corpus Christi pleaded guilty to failing to make her child support payments for her two children who reside in Mississippi. The two counts that she pleaded guilty to were for felony non-support of the woman’s children. She received a suspended jail sentence for five years for each count that runs concurrently.

Additionally, the woman paid $5,000 in back child support. During her five-year sentence, she will have to pay $270 each month in addition to her regular child support order payments until the arrearage is fully paid. She was also ordered to pay court costs and the $700 cost associated with the expense of extradition.

Failing to provide for one’s own child can strongly weigh against a person during a child custody dispute. The court must consider the best interests of the child and each parent’s relationship with children of the marriage or relationship. Parents that are seeking sole custody or an agreement modification may consult with a Texas family law attorney who can inform them of the relevance of an outstanding child support order.

Source: News Channel 12, “Deadbeat Mom Sentenced for Failing to Pay Child Support,” April 16, 2013




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