Prenuptial agreements may be right for Texas marriages

| Jun 7, 2013 | Prenuptial Agreements

Many Texas couples may shy away from prenuptial agreements, but there are many reasons why they may be good for both spouses-to-be. Prenuptial agreements have been regarded in the past as difficult and even offensive, but they are often necessary for the protection of the assets of both spouses. Today, many middle class marriages are beginning with prenuptial agreements, and many women are beginning to support prenuptial agreements. One of the reasons for this might be that the failing economy is driving people to become more practical with their money.

Another reason that prenuptial agreements are becoming more popular is because couples are thinking more realistically about the possibility of divorce. Many people are now aware that divorce is extremely common and that it is something that even the most in love couple needs to think about. The fact that many people are now living in debt is also another reason that couples need to be realistic about what happens in the event of a split.

While many people are worried about the cost of a prenuptial agreement, studies have shown that it usually costs far less than the engagement ring and in the long run may save both spouses a lot of money in legal fees.

Prenuptial agreements can be drafted easily with the aid of a family law attorney. Prenuptial agreements will likely become more common as people are now marrying later in life, when they have already acquired significant assets. Those who marry later in life also tend to be more financially conscious and more practical. Couples should not be afraid to broach the topic of prenuptial agreements with their spouse-to-be, as prenuptial agreements are usually drafted to protect the interests of both spouses, not just one. Prenuptial agreements can be used to ensure that both spouses are comfortable in the event of divorce.

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