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August 2013 Archives

Actress threatens president, loses child custody

A professional actress in Texas was taken into custody on June 7 and accused of mailing poisoned communication to President Obama, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and to a leader of the mayor's gun-control group. The actress is charged with sending letters laced with ricin, a poison produced from castor beans, to the three politicians. The woman was held in federal custody and scheduled for a competency hearing on Aug. 28.

Wife alleges multimillion-dollar sham by Texas hand surgeon

A well-known Texas hand surgeon was running nine different front companies to collect millions in a complex sham, according to his estranged wife. Child custody and visitation changes were demands made in her fifth amended petition to modify the terms of her divorce from the surgeon. She sought sole custody of the children, with only supervised visitation from their father. She was also suing her husband for fraud, saying that he moved money to hide it during the divorce proceedings.

How to communicate with your ex after divorce

Depending upon the conditions surrounding a divorce, some Texas residents may have an easier time communicating with their exes than others. Of course, speaking with an ex is easier if the divorce is amicable; however, if the divorce is contentious, it may be more difficult. When there are kids involved, communicating with each other is a necessity, and both parties must decide the best course of action for the children.

Readjusting your finances after divorce

Texas residents might be wondering how they are going to readjust their lives, especially financially, after they get their divorces. Divorce can be emotionally and financially draining to both parties involved. Therefore, divorce experts say that it is important for spouses to begin to budget according for their lives post-divorce.

LGBT Parents Find Understanding in Courts

For many decades gay or lesbian parents found it difficult to retain the custody of their children if they divulged the information to their straight partners. The situation often leads to a divorce and not amicable parting of ways for both sides. In recent years LGBT parents have been given more consideration by the courts where the final decisions about custody is not solely based on sexual orientations.

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