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Wife alleges multimillion-dollar sham by Texas hand surgeon

A well-known Texas hand surgeon was running nine different front companies to collect millions in a complex sham, according to his estranged wife. Child custody and visitation changes were demands made in her fifth amended petition to modify the terms of her divorce from the surgeon. She sought sole custody of the children, with only supervised visitation from their father. She was also suing her husband for fraud, saying that he moved money to hide it during the divorce proceedings.

The petitioning wife accused her estranged husband of systematically stealing funds from business entities she claimed were formed during their marriage. She said in the legal paperwork that he had transferred that money into and out of a variety of businesses that he alone had access to. He was accused of spending the money, using it on property he claimed to be separate and his alone. These alleged wrongs were said to have been committed after her husband lost his medical license in 2006.

The petition alleged that sham businesses, created by the former doctor to manipulate funds, provided services such as patient and insurance billing, physician consulting, management services and marketing advice. The surgeon had pleaded guilty to interfering with a flight attendant on a trip from London to Miami. He was thought, at the time of the wife's petition, to be living in Miami Beach.

Divorce issues like child custody and visitation may be very difficult to navigate alone. A Texas attorney experienced in family law may be able to help with a child custody dispute. Such an attorney may be able to help parties negotiate parenting time and visitation rights and settle other contentious issues according to the best interests of the child or children.

Source: Houston Chronicle, "Wife says Michael Brown collects millions in complex 'sham'", Carol Christian, August 16, 2013

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