Ways to cut divorce costs

| Oct 29, 2013 | Divorce

Couples in Texas who find that divorce is imminent might be interested to learn about different ways they can keep their divorce costs down. While divorce can be emotionally draining, it can also have deep financial repercussions. There are a few tips that individuals can keep in mind when preparing for divorce proceedings.

While top end lawyers may seem appealing initially, choosing an affordable lawyer may be more effective in the long run because some lawyers charge as much as $400 per hour. Asking friends and family members can be a good idea when searching for lawyers while pursuing a divorce.

If the first consultation is free, individuals seeking divorce can limit costs by trying to cover as much as possible during that meeting. It is also helpful to remember that the lawyer will be charging per hour, so, although the lawyer was hired to help a client, communication between the two should be kept at a minimum.

Maintaining an amicable relationship between spouses can also help individuals avoid excess legals fees because, under those circumstances, it may be easier for negotiations between the parties to take place without lawyers present. Additionally, income and assets should be fully disclosed. Judges may impose fines on people for trying to hide assets. Finally, couples should close any joint credit card accounts. Even after separation, one party may still be held responsible for the spending of another if cards are still held in both parties’ name.

While many of these tips may be helpful in keeping the cost of a divorce at a minimum, the advice of a lawyer may still benefit couples seeking divorce. Family law attorneys may be able to help a client throughout divorce proceedings.

Source: The Huffington Post, “5 Ways to Cut Costs During a Divorce“, Elliot Grey, October 27, 2013




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