Model Karen Elson divorces musician Jack White

| Dec 20, 2013 | Divorce

Residents of Texas interested in divorce cases, or perhaps undergoing one of their own, may be interested in learn that a judge in Nashville has finalized the divorce between British singer Karen Elson and Jack White. The couple filed for divorce in Tennessee in 2012 after marrying there in 2005. They have two children together, of whom Karen Elson has been granted primary custody. Jack White will have custody of his children 150 days a year.

White is the owner of several businesses related to the music industry, including The Raconteurs, Dead Weather and The White Stripes. He also has his own record label, Third Man Records. While he and Elson initially seemed friendly with one another when they announced their divorce, Elson later said that he had threatened her and filed a restraining order against him. White has denied these allegations, although efforts by the media to contact his spokesperson have thus far not been successful.

As can be seen in this case, high asset divorces often involve some form of asset valuation in order to verify ownership and worth. Business owners may have sole ownership over their properties at the beginning of their marriage, but over time, ownership could partially transfer to their spouse under some circumstances. For this reason, it’s often important for couples to carefully define ownership and work to resolve such disputes should the need arise.

During a divorce, issues such as business property ownership that may have been neglected during a marriage may come to the forefront. An attorney may be able to facilitate an equitable property division by accurately assessing the nature of a person’s assets and ascertaining when, if ever, some portion of its ownership may have transferred to his or her spouse.

Source: CBS News, “Judge finalizes divorce of Jack White, Karen Elson“, December 13, 2013




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