What to ask prior to divorce

| Dec 11, 2013 | Divorce

Texas couples who are preparing to end their marriage may wonder what information they could use to help simplify the process. People often have so many concerns and questions that it can be overwhelming. Having some basic information about divorce early on can help, so it is important to know what types of questions to ask at the beginning.

At the outset, many people will want to know what their potential liability for spousal and child support might be. These are determined differently, and it is important to understand the calculations. An attorney might be able to review financial documentation in order to help determine what amounts could be ordered, whether the client is expecting to pay or receive support. Similarly, it is important to understand how custody is determined and what factors a judge will consider when creating a visitation schedule.

It is also useful to know what information might need to be provided during the proceeding, which will enable the spouse to begin compiling documents before they are required. Financial documents are frequently used to determine child support, alimony and the community property division. These could include statements from bank accounts, credit cards or retirement accounts. An attorney may also ask a parent to journal daily interactions with the children and the other parent in the event of a custody dispute.

It helps to know what the legal and filing fees will be. While a lawyer may not always be able to provide a final total at the beginning, having an idea of what costs might arise can help a client budget for them and make the final bill less of a surprise.

Source: Huffington Post, “Divorce Confidential: Asking the Right Questions in a Divorce“, Caroline Choi, December 04, 2013




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