Jon Gosselin wants primary custody of sextuplets

| Jan 27, 2014 | Child Custody

Texas fans of reality TV may remember the show “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” in which father Jon Gosselin and mother Kate dealt with not only a set of twins but sextuplets as well. The show has been off the air for years, and even though Jon and Kate divorced long ago, a new child custody wrinkle recently appeared in their story. Jon said during a magazine interview that he was ready to sue Kate for custody of their sextuplets, now nine years of age.

Jon claimed that not only did the six younger children “live in fear” of their mother, but that every time Jon saw them, they told him that they wanted to live with him. He promised to seek primary custody in court as soon as he could get enough money together for legal representation.

As for the 13-year-old twins, a source reported that they both felt hurt due to his reported trading of rights to control the girls’ television appearances in exchange for not having to pay child support on them. The source said that the twins felt like he had “sold them” and no longer wanted anything to do with him. Their father said that seeing the older girls being interviewed recently on national television triggered his resolve to get custody of the sextuplets, but the source dismissed this as a bogus claim.

Child custody and support issues often prove contentious during divorce proceedings. If the parents are unable to reach an accord on these matters, the primary consideration taken into account by a court in determining appropriate orders will be the best interests of the children.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Jon Gosselin To Sue Kate Gosselin For Primary Custody Of Sextuplets“, January 22, 2014




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