What is the role of a parenting coordinator?

| Nov 17, 2014 | Child Custody

Texas family court judges make child custody and visitation decisions based on the children’s best interest. If both parents can come to an agreement about child custody issues and the judge agrees that the arrangements are in the children’s best interests, it is likely that the judge will accept them. Some parents find it difficult, or even impossible, to come to any sort of shared parenting or child custody agreement.

When parents cannot come to an agreement about their children, they can request that a parenting coordinator be assigned to their case. In cases in which spouses have difficulty communicating and have brought repeated legal actions against each other, the judge may order a parenting coordinator to assist with the case. The role of a parenting coordinator is to work with parents regarding child custody issues. There are costs associated with a parenting coordinator, and generally, both parents share the cost.

While a parenting coordinator can help parents work out their disagreements regarding child custody, it is best if both parents can work out an agreement without the need for a coordinator. A lawyer with a background in family law might understand the highly-charged emotional nature of divorce and may help negotiate a child custody arrangement that takes the children’s needs into consideration.

The best possible outcome is for the couple to create a shared parenting or child custody arrangement that is in the best interest of the children. A lawyer could help with the process of creating such an arrangement. In most cases, a judge will support a child custody agreement as long as both parents agree with it.

Source: Women’s Law, “Custody“, November 17, 2014




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