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| Jan 2, 2015 | Prenuptial Agreements

When you are getting ready to get married and you want to make certain assets you own are protected in the event a divorce happens, a prenuptial agreement may be a good option for you. You may also be a person who is preparing to get married and your prospective spouse has requested that you sign a prenuptial agreement he or she has drafted. In either case, you may want to keep several important things in mind.

If you have been presented with a prenuptial agreement, understand that your prospective spouse is simply trying to outline how to handle property division and protect his or her assets in the event things do not work out. It is important, however, for you to have the proposed agreement reviewed by your attorney to ensure that your rights are being protected and that all assets have been disclosed.

Conversely, if you are wanting to put into place agreements concerning such things as your retirement accounts, business interests and other holdings, a prenuptial agreement may be of benefit. If you want to make certain children you already have from a prior relationship are protected, you may also wish to draft such an agreement.

Prenuptial agreements must not contain prohibited provisions such as those dealing with child support, must be signed by both parties and the assets of both parties must have been fully disclosed. We have significant experience in helping people draft prenuptial agreements that are legally sound as well as reviewing prenuptial agreements to ensure our clients’ rights are sufficiently protected in the event of a marital breakdown. We understand that people often have questions about prenuptial agreements, which is why we have provided additional information about these matters on our page dealing with prenuptial agreements in more detail.

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