Yes, divorce is scary but you can survive and thrive

| Jun 29, 2015 | Divorce

One of the most powerful factors that keeps unhappy couples together is fear. It can be very frightening to consider not just dealing with the divorce itself but facing an entire future without your spouse. After all, at least you know what to expect, even if you are both unhappy. To single people or those in blissful marriages, the idea seems preposterous, but fear really can prevent or delay divorce.

If the marriage is not volatile or if it does not keep both spouses from pursuing other romances or lifestyle changes, maybe it is all right to stay together. However, most people who have finally faced the situation and gone through a divorce usually feel much better and experience greater depths of contentment or happiness.

Here are a few intense fears that can keep unhappy couples hanging onto marriage despite a desire to break away:

— Fear about the well-being of any children the marriage produced– Fear about not being able to bounce back after divorce– Fear about financial matters after divorce– Fear about never finding another partner and being alone

Unfortunately, telling people that they will survive and possibly even thrive after divorce does little, if any, good. Often, a divorce will or will not happen on the couple’s timetable and no one else’s. Fears that have accumulated over a lifetime are difficult to dispel. In many cases, these fears cannot be faced until one spouse initiates the proceedings regardless of how the other spouse feels.

Divorce attorneys know that the odds of bouncing back and finding happiness are very much in your favor. The best thing to do if you want a divorce but are scared to proceed is to begin discussions with a Texas divorce attorney you trust. With calm, solid and practical advice from a professional, you might just find you have more courage inside of you than you ever imagined.

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