Child custody matters

| Jul 27, 2015 | Child Custody

Few family law issues are as gut wrenching and emotional as child custody proceedings. Often what begins as respectful discussions can escalate into contentious disputes since both parents typically want to remain an active part of their children’s lives. While there are occasions when parents can work out child custody and visitation agreements without hostility, it is not usually the norm.

Divorce attorneys play a large and very important role in all aspects of a divorce, but finding the right lawyer can make all the difference in the world when it comes to custody and visitation. For these intensely emotional and often frightening areas of divorce, an attorney capable of empathy is just what parents in Texas and throughout the nation need.

Attorneys with the Law Office of Zoe Meigs understand how difficult the child custody process is on parents in the Fort Worth area. Each lawyer has accumulated a wealth of experience working with families in Texas. This includes legal expertise but also familiarity with the unique circumstances of each family unit.

Choosing the right attorney provides clients with effective solutions for the following concerns and many others:

— Establishing paternity– Creating an equitable child custody arrangement– Child custody modifications– Grandparents’ rights– Fathers’ rights– Visitation schedules– Out of state relocation

When it comes to your children, it is worth taking the time to choose a lawyer wisely. Do not be afraid to ask questions, express concerns and state your expectations. A confident attorney will have the answers you want to hear so that you can move forward with your child custody and visitation plans. Learn more about family law and child custody by visiting our law firm’s website.




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