For what reason should I get a prenuptial agreement in Texas?

| Jul 13, 2015 | Prenuptial Agreements

This is a great question, and it is even better that you are thinking ahead and attempting to address any potential issues before they can occur. The answer, however, may not seem as simple as the question.

In most cases, those who acquire a prenuptial agreement do so for a variety of personal reasons. They may have a lot of high value assets or they may simply be cautious, but whatever the case, prenuptial agreements are no longer for the rich and famous only.

In Texas and in other states as well, most ordinary people who seek out prenuptial agreements are simply looking ahead in case the unthinkable should occur and divorce lands on the table. Of course, they have reasons for their caution and some of those reasons include:

A previous marriage: People typically go into first marriages with only a few assets and perhaps a head full of dreams. Second marriages usually mean cooler heads, more assets and more intellect. Having a prenup in place prevents many problems that could occur in subsequent marriages.

Unbalanced wealth or debt: When one spouse is wealthier or saddled with debt, a prenup is just good sense. This way if divorce does eventually occur, both spouses are protected.

Confidentiality: In our digital world, an angry ex can devastate the other spouse’s relationship. Many modern prenuptial agreements include a confidentiality clause prohibiting either spouse from trashing the other on social media channels.

Either spouse already has children: You will still want a will in place outlining what your children and family members receive upon your death, but a prenup specifying such matters adds weight and informs both spouses about the other’s wishes.

There are many more reasons a prenuptial agreement might benefit you. Discussing these matters with a Fort Worth family law attorney can ensure you make the best decision for your family before you get married.

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