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Pros and cons of shared parenting plans

Shared parenting is common for divorced couples in Texas. Courts prefer it because it means children are involved with both parents at least somewhat equally, and this is seen as fair to the parents and best for the child. However, it's still important to look at all of the pros and cons to these plans.

Beware of the complexities of military divorce

Living the married life when one or both spouses is a member of the armed forces is complicated all on its own. From trying to share parenting duties to constantly relocating to learning how to deal with time apart, it is a challenging way to live. Unfortunately, this lifestyle can take its toll on a relationship and many married military couples find themselves contemplating a permanent end to the relationship.

Grounds for a Texas marital fault divorce

While it is safe to say that the majority of divorces in Texas occur under the state's no-fault law, sometimes a fault divorce is more appropriate. In Texas, a person may seek a contested or evidenced-based divorce for several reasons. Sometimes, the person seeking such a divorce wants to show a severely deteriorating relationship, or show how he or she was victimized in some way. Further, the other spouse usually does not want to end the marriage, making it possible for the complaining spouse to pursue an at fault divorce.

Addressing the complexities of adopting a child

Adding a child to your home through a Texas adoption is often a joyful and emotionally rewarding experience. The process of adoption establishes the legal rights between the adoptive parents and the child they have chosen to include as a family member. For many, it seems like an easy process, but those who wish to adopt often do not understand the myriad of complicated decisions they must make before the child can join their family.

What cannot be included in a Texas prenuptial agreement

The benefits of prenuptial agreements in Texas are topics that have been widely discussed on the Web. In fact, the Law Office of Zoe Meigs went into a good amount of detail on the subject in a blog post earlier this year. Many other discussions focus on what can be included in a prenuptial agreement but few discussions talk about what cannot be included.

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