Beware of the complexities of military divorce

| Sep 22, 2015 | Military Divorce

Living the married life when one or both spouses is a member of the armed forces is complicated all on its own. From trying to share parenting duties to constantly relocating to learning how to deal with time apart, it is a challenging way to live. Unfortunately, this lifestyle can take its toll on a relationship and many married military couples find themselves contemplating a permanent end to the relationship.

While a divorce can ultimately bring a degree of contentment to those who want out, a military divorce can be as complex as the marriage itself. There are many factors inherent to a military divorce that are not typically present in a civilian divorce. These issues can cause both spouses to experience extra anxiety throughout the duration of the divorce proceedings.

Some of these factors include:

— Fulfilling residency requirements

— Deciding the state in which to file

— Military benefits for the children of divorce

— Dividing military pensions and other obscure benefit programs

The issues above are just a few of the complex legal areas a military divorce may involve. The divorcing couple will also have to face regular divorce issues like child support, child custody and spousal support.

Even in a simple divorce with no children and virtually no assets, problems can arise. Therefore, it makes sense that a military divorce requires preparation and forethought. The best way to approach these complicated issues is by consulting with an attorney who has handled plenty of military divorces. This way, the two spouses can be sure their needs and the needs of their children will be properly addressed.

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