How does the court decide on the amount of alimony payments?

| Oct 22, 2015 | Family Law

When a couple goes through divorce, it doesn’t mean they are done with each other forever. For example, there are times when children are involved. This means questions regarding custody and support will come to light. The same holds true with alimony.

Many people worry they will have to pay alimony in the event of a divorce. Just the same, there are those who realize they need to receive this type of support in order to make ends meet.

The court takes many details into consideration when calculating the amount of alimony. These include:

— The length of time the couple was married.

— The age and financial condition of both parties.

— The length of time the alimony recipient would need to receive the proper training to become self-sufficient.

— The standard of living during the marriage.

Of course, there is something else that comes into play: the question of whether or not one party has to pay the other alimony. This is something that will be worked out by the court.

If you are going through divorce, if you believe that alimony could come up at some point, it is a good idea to understand what side of the fence you are on. Could you be required to pay alimony? Could you receive this benefit from your former spouse?

Just because you don’t want to pay alimony doesn’t mean the court will listen. The same holds true if you think you are entitled to this type of support. This is why it is a must to understand how the alimony system works and where you fit in.

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