Common divorce mistakes that will make things worse

| Dec 10, 2015 | Divorce

The divorce process is already bad enough. You don’t need to make any mistakes along the way that will put you in an even worse position. Below is a variety of common divorce mistakes that can make things even worse during a divorce:

— Losing your temper. There is no point in doing this. You may be upset with your former spouse for one reason or another, but you are taking steps towards putting this in the past.

— Letting loose on social media. Do you really need to tell your online friends about what your husband or wife did to you? Does it make good sense to post photos of your new partner? Leave social media out of your divorce.

— Moving out of the house. If you move out now, it means that you will likely be paying for your old place as well as your new place. You should not have to do this. Instead, wait for the divorce to be finalized so you know what is expected of you in regards to your living situation.

— Hiding money. It’s only natural to be scared of how much divorce will cost you. As tempting as it may be to hide money, don’t resort to this. If you are caught doing so, it will work against you when you finally make your way to court.

These divorce mistakes may be common, but they are also easy to avoid.

If you are going through divorce, don’t do anything that will put you in a worse position. If you have questions, an attorney can provide advice and guidance during this difficult time.

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