Is a prenuptial agreement the wrong decision for your marriage?

| Feb 25, 2016 | Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is not something that every couple in Texas considers. Even so, a growing number of people are looking into what this can do for them. You should never look at a prenuptial agreement and think that it is a bad thing. Unfortunately, if your soon to be spouse does not understand this type of agreement, your request could upset him or her. Is that something you want to do before you ever tie the knot? Of course not.

Here are some reasons why a prenuptial agreement could be the wrong decision, as well as some advice on making them right:

— You could upset the other party. While this is a big deal, you can make things right by explaining in clear terms the benefits of a prenuptial agreement. This has nothing to do with your love for the person, and everything to do with protecting both parties.

— Not fair for both partners. To protect against this, it’s a good idea for both partners to be 100 percent comfortable with the terms and conditions of the prenuptial agreement.

— Not always the best choice for a first marriage.

There are people who create a prenuptial agreement and are glad that they did, because they eventually go through a divorce. There are also those who create this legal document but never have to think about it again.

There are two sides to every story, but most people who consider a prenuptial agreement find that the benefits far outweigh any potential pitfalls. This is what you need to decide on as soon as possible before getting married.

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