Divorce, alimony, and how the payment is determined

| Mar 31, 2016 | Family Law

If you go through with a divorce in Texas, it’s not out of the question for one party to owe the other alimony. While this is not guaranteed, it is something you should be prepared for.

It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you are on, you need to understand the basics of alimony. This includes how the court determines the amount.

With child support, for example, there are strict guidelines in place for calculating how much one parent pays the other. Alimony, however, is not the same. The court has quite a bit of discretion when deciding whether to award alimony and how much one spouse should pay the other.

Some of the factors that come into play include:

— The length of the marriage.

— The financial condition of both parties.

— The age, mental condition, and physical condition of both parties.

— The standard of living while the couple was married.

— The ability of one person to financially support the other, as well as him or herself.

As if divorce is not already complicated enough, there could come a point when questions of alimony are raised.

If you find yourself in this position, you should understand exactly what is going on. This means answering questions such as: How much alimony will one party pay, and how long will the payments last?

Divorce and alimony often go together hand in hand. Once the amount of the payment is determined, everything will begin to come together. Knowing your situation will allow you to fight for your rights in the best way possible.

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