Have you answered these common family law questions?

| Mar 4, 2016 | Family Law

For most people, questions regarding family law do not come to the forefront until they are faced with the divorce process. Only then do they find themselves asking and answering a variety of questions.

Anybody faced with divorce should address the following questions as soon as possible:

— What is an agreed divorce and how does this play out in court?

— How long does a divorce typically take?

— Are you able to start a new relationship while a divorce is pending?

— Is it possible that your former spouse will be required by the court to pay your legal fees?

— How much child support will I have to pay? Will my spouse owe child support?

— What will the visitation schedule look like after the divorce is final?

— Is it possible that one spouse will receive alimony from the other?

— How long do alimony payments last?

— What are the benefits of divorce mediation, as compared to a typical court process?

These are the types of family law questions that need to be answered if you are going through divorce. You can address them now or later, but you will need to find the answers soon enough.

Do you need help answering these questions? Let us step in and provide you with advice. We know what it takes to get through divorce in a fast and efficient manner, all the while being happy with the final result. Contact us online or via phone, as we are here to help you with your situation no matter what it entails.




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