Can you sign a prenup the day before your wedding?

| Dec 16, 2016 | Prenuptial Agreements

So you already agreed to get married, and you’ve been planning it for months. The big day is quickly drawing near, but you’re suddenly getting a bit worried. You still want to get married, but seeing that date so close on the calendar has you thinking about the legal side of the wedding, about signing that contract and about what might happen if you end up getting divorced.

What you’re wondering is if you can draft a prenuptial agreement and sign it at the last minute. Then, you’ll feel much better when you show up to the ceremony.

It’s important to note that you typically can’t draft a prenup, at least not one that’s going to hold up in court, if your wedding day is too close. You generally want to have at least a month before the day, though having at least three months is best. You and your spouse-to-be must have time to really think over the agreement and consider what it means before signing.

If you show up the day before the wedding with a prenup, your significant other may feel forced to sign. By that time, guests are in town, everything has been paid for and family members are ready for the ceremony. He or she may frantically sign just to make sure things happen as intended, not wanting the embarrassment of calling it off.

If you then get divorced and take that prenup to court, though, your significant other could claim that pressure made him or her sign a prenup that never would have been agreed to otherwise, and it could be tossed out.

Prenups are a powerful tool, but you must know exactly how to use them successfully. Planning in advance can be the key, allowing you to draft an agreement that will really protect your interests.

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