Make the holidays fun for your kids, even if you’re not together

| Dec 1, 2016 | Child Custody

Holidays are all about family time. Even if you and your spouse got divorced, you want to make sure you still focus on the family-oriented aspects of the holiday for your children.

It’s best to plan out what you’re going to do in advance. Work with your ex and stay within the bounds of your child custody agreement. Make a plan that puts your kids first.

If you can’t all be together, perhaps consider planning two different celebrations. It’s simply not possible for the kids to wake up on Christmas morning at both houses, for example, but you may be able to have your own Christmas the day before so that no one is left out.

You may also want to divide your Christmas Day in half. Naturally, this won’t work if you live too far apart — don’t force the kids to spend all day on the road — but it can if you live near one another. The kids could start the day at your house, and then go see your ex in the evening or the afternoon. That way, you both get to have fun with them, and they get to see both parents on this special day.

If you already have a custody and parenting plan in place, be sure that your rights are upheld. If you’re just getting divorced, take a moment to think about the holidays and work some sort of schedule into your custody arrangement. Remember, no matter what you decide, you want it to be geared around the best interests of your children, not those of you or your ex.

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