Is January the month when most infidelities occur?

| Jan 6, 2017 | Family Law

Has your partner been a bit distant ever since the holidays? Do you have the feeling that his or her mind may be doing a little wandering?

Your intuition may be spot-on, at least according to data released by one dating site for those already in relationships. Gleeden, whose clientele is located “across the pond” in the United Kingdom and France found that the number one day for their clients to go searching for a partner to start an affair this year is Jan. 9.

The site apparently experiences a burst of activity on the second Monday following Christmas, their site’s spokesperson revealed. While this data does not specifically focus on couples here in the United States, the concept of adultery is ancient and universal, so married spouses over here in America may want to pay close attention as well.

What is the reason for this uptick in infidelity? It’s not just one day, either. The whole month of January is flooded with new users, with last January seeing over a 320 percent dramatic rise in registrations.

Surveys of the sites users revealed that a whopping 72 percent predicted that they would be active on the cheating website around the first of the year. For over half of the respondents, it was related to an attempt to “regain their freedom” after the cloying closeness brought on by the holidays.

So what does this mean to Texas couples? Probably nothing in the big scheme of things. However, those struggling with the decisions on when to pull the chute on stifling marriages may find themselves in a period of re-evaluation right now.

Whatever you decide to do, before taking any steps towards a divorce, seek the counsel of a Texas family law attorney to make sure that you are better poised for whatever comes your way in 2017.

Source: Daily Mail, “Is YOUR partner seeking a bit on the side? Data reveals January 9 is the day people are most likely to try and start an affair (because they want to reclaim their ‘freedom’ after Christmas),” Lauren Ingram, Jan. 04, 2017




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