Divorce causes are different in every case

| Feb 17, 2017 | Divorce

If you’re going to get divorced and you’re wondering why it’s come to this, the reality is that there could be one major cause, a number of valid reasons, or a whole web of complex reasons that led to the split. Divorce causes are different from one marriage to the next, just as each marriage is different.

For example, some people split up for major reasons that are easy to identify, such as infidelity or drug use. The partner who files for divorce may not even want to split up, but may think that the drug use means he or she is unsafe or that the unfaithfulness has broken the trust in the relationship beyond repair.

For others, the reasons are harder to pin down. They just drift apart. As they grow and change, they start becoming individuals who don’t feel like the same people who got married 10 or 15 years ago. Eventually, they mutually decide to part ways.

Still others just struggle with communication. They may never say what they really think, bottling up their emotions. They may even lie to keep things quiet, or they may resort to an aggressive silence when they’re feeling angry — when what they both need to do is talk. Eventually, this can all boil over and send the couple to divorce court.

No matter what led you and your spouse to divorce — perhaps it was even something that wasn’t mentioned above — it’s very important to remember your legal rights. This is especially true when dividing up custody of the children and/or dealing with the division of significant marital assets.

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