Are 50 percent of marriages still ending in divorce?

| Apr 28, 2017 | Divorce

The statistics of 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce has been around for a very long time. According to Psychology Today, though, for the last several decades, the divorce rate has been falling.

The report from Psychology Today states that instead of having a 50 percent chance of getting divorce today, married couples actually have a 75 percent of staying together. Of the more recent marriages, only about 25 percent end in divorce.

The report also states, however, that not all groups of married couples have the same divorce rate. For example, those who are on their second or third marriages have a divorce rate of around 75 percent. The reasoning behind this number is that if you have been through a divorce before, it’s easier for you to walk away from a marriage again. Additionally, when people remarry, it is often to others who have married and divorced. Add in ex-wives, ex-husbands and children from previous marriages and that stress can often be too much for some couples.

The report states that thinking that half of all marriage end in divorce is not good for a newly married couple, either. If you are only giving half of yourself to the marriage or believe that the success of your marriage is nothing more than the odds from flipping a coin, you may not put the work into your marriage to make it work.

If you have decided that a divorce is the right move for you, you should consider what the divorce process will entail. An experienced divorce attorney can help you learn more about it and how to proceed.

Source:, “Do 50 Percent Of All Marriages Still End In Divorce?,” Marianne Garvey, April 25, 2017




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