Father of twins jailed for contempt of court on transgender issue

| Aug 18, 2017 | Child Custody

A man sits in the Denton County Jail on a charge of contempt of court. The charge is related to his 4-year-old daughter. He has twin girls, but this involves just one of the girls. That girl, according to her father, told him “Daddy, I’m a boy.”

He thought she was transgender and he changed her bedroom to look like a boy’s room. He also let her play with toys that are typically for boys and to dress in boy clothes.

His ex-wife was not supportive and got a temporary restraining order. He was served when he came to pick up his girls for visitation.

The judge is known to be exceptionally religious and a firm Republican. The judge said that the man was trying to use this as a control issue and “to get back at [his] ex-wife.” He also said that the man was a child abuser and said the abuse was “borderline sexual.”

The judge has determined that the man must go through several steps if he wishes to get visitation with his children again. First, he will have a dozen “supervised visits” with his children. He will also be required to have six counseling sessions. During the second part, he can have unsupervised visits with the twins. Finally, when he has had eight unsupervised visits and 10 counseling sessions, he will need to pay for a parenting facilitator and attend a course on conflict resolution and parenting.

As you can see, this man still has a long way to go to see his children. If you are currently fighting with your ex over the custody of your children, an experienced attorney can help.

Source: Dallas Observer, “A North Texas Father Ends Up in Jail Over Fight About 4-Year-Old’s Gender,” Christian McPhate, Aug. 14, 2017




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