Many issues are involved in military divorces

| Sep 15, 2017 | Military Divorce

There are many military families in the Fort Worth, Texas, and Tarrant, Texas, areas. When the couples who founded those families part, they may find themselves facing issues related to military family law, military divorce and retirement benefits. Military divorces typically center on the money and the children.

Since military life often involves long deployments and frequent moves, the nonmilitary spouse may have been unable to maintain consistent employment during the marriage. They may have also not been able to pursue higher education and increase their ability to earn money at a good level. Because of that, they may be awarded spousal support in the divorce, paid for by the military spouse.

If the military spouse’s deployments render them unable to share child custody, that may make it a given that the nonmilitary spouse will get custody of the children. It may also mean that the nonmilitary spouse can request a larger amount of child support than most custodial parents would get, since the children will be with them constantly.

A military divorce also often means that the nonmilitary spouse will have to move, since they are no longer eligible to live on military property. This can involve the expense of securing a new apartment, condominium or house. That expense should be a key part of the divorce settlement.

Before that settlement is final, there will still be bills to be paid, like utilities and groceries. Divorcing couples often file a motion that requests a court order specifying how those bills will get paid. The court order can make sure that the basics are covered even while divorce issues are still being sorted out.

Dividing the military spouse’s pension can also be a topic to discuss with an attorney. There may also be other assets, like property, IRA’s and investments, all of which can be subject to division.

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