Military couples at risk of divorce

| Jan 10, 2018 | Military Divorce

Many young couples who marry in Fort Worth, Texas, and Tarrant, Texas, do so with the dream of their lives together lasting forever. However, like in other parts of the country, a high percentage of the couples divorce. For couples under 30, divorce is most prevalent amongst couples with a husband or a wife who is a first-line enlisted military supervisor. That position involves coordinating activities of other military personnel and leading operations. Couples with a husband or a wife who holds that position have a divorce rate of 30 percent, according to analysis done by the career website Zippia of data in the Public Use Microdata Sample produced by the Census Bureau.

That analysis also showed high rates of divorce among couples with a husband or wife who worked as automotive service technicians, mechanics, logisticians or in positions that involved military-enlisted tactical operations or air weapons.

Military marriages have always had particular challenges, with extended deployments of the husband or wife being a key one. Couples affected by extended deployments have found in many cases that absence did not make their hearts grow fonder, but instead cooled the relationship to the point of considering a divorce. After all, a divorce results in the couple living apart, and in those cases, the couples are already living apart. Divorce rates increase among couples where the husband or wife is deployed for extended periods for that reason.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other psychological issues experienced by military personnel who have been in combat, can also adversely affect their marriages. Moving too often due to military assignments, even if the couple is together, can also be stressful for couples and hurt their marriages. After all, they married to be together, to have a long-term home and to raise a family. When any of those things proves to be less than expected on the wedding day, divorce becomes that much more probable for the couple.

Source: MarketWatch, “Americans in this field have the highest rate of divorce by age 30,” Kari Paul, Dec. 26, 2017




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