There are many great child custody arrangements

| Mar 21, 2018 | Child Custody

Many Fort Worth, Texas, and Tarrant, Texas, parents raise their children together in one family home. However, sometimes the relationship between the parents ends, and they wind up living in separate residences. When both parents still want to maintain their relationships with their children, they need to make child custody arrangements.

Many people presume that those arrangements will be one parent getting custody, with the children living with him or her the majority of the time, and the other parent getting visitation, only getting to spend time with his or her children on a periodic basis, such as a couple of evenings a month and a couple of weekends a month.

However, there are actually many forms that child custody arrangements can take. Parents who are separating should look at the possibilities and decide what is truly in the best interests of the children. Provided both parents are of good character, that tends to be an arrangement that maximizes the children’s time with both parents.

One very interesting arrangement is referred to as a nest arrangement. Basically, the home is for the children, and they get to live there every day. However, the parents switch off who lives with the children in the home, with one parent living in the home one week and the other parent living in the home the next week. This allows the children to have one stable home, without disenfranchising either parent relative to the other.

This can be a particularly good way for fathers to ensure that they get a good deal of parenting time with their daughters and sons, which every objective measure conclusively affirms is optimal for the psychological health of each couple’s daughters and sons. For example, a 2017 study that was published in Science Daily found that there were fewer behavioral and psychological problems among preschoolers whose parents shared custody of them, compared to preschoolers for whom one parent only had visitation.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Why modern custody agreements look so different: ‘Anything goes, as long as the children are happy’,” Danielle Braff, March 08, 2018




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