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Alimony laws are changing

Many divorces occur in Fort Worth, Texas, and Tarrant, Texas. When they do, a chief concern of those getting divorced is who will get the stuff and the money. After all, both former partners are looking at their futures, and recognizing that they live in a material world where it takes cold hard cash to pay for the necessities of life. Yet financial matters like alimony, long a part of family law, are being addressed differently than they used to be.

In decades past, sexist stereotypes dominated and women were inaccurately portrayed as being less capable of earning their own living after a marriage ended. However, in 2018, women are getting more college degrees than men are, and correspondingly, have much more earning power than a housewife of the 1950's would have had. That is one of the reasons why many states are changing alimony laws, challenging the premise that an ex-wife needs to be a dependent of an ex-husband as though she wouldn't be capable of providing for herself with her own income.

Naturally, many men applaud the trend to ban alimony altogether, or to limit it to a modest amount for a short period when it is awarded. There is no good reason, they contend, for a man to pay the bills of a woman to whom he no longer has any personal relationship with. Many women, especially those who earn more than the man they married, also applaud the pending demise of alimony since they don't want to have to pay it.

Of course, there are some objections to the trend, particularly from women who didn't work for decades while married, don't have college degrees and are concerned that they don't have the skills to succeed in the current work market. Alimony awards may continue for women in that position.

Source: Forbes, "Stay-at-Home Mom Facing Divorce? Don't Expect Alimony," Emma Johnson, accessed April 10, 2018

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