How to align with the best interests of your child

| May 9, 2018 | Child Custody

Our children are the most precious people in our lives. This is why the thought of losing our right to live with them full-time in a child custody dispute can be so terrifying.

Nevertheless, as passionate as you feel about your kids, the other parent of your children probably feels the same way, which means he or she could be compelled to fight in court just as fervently as you if your child custody disagreement becomes contentious.

Fortunately, as long as you align your interests with the best interests of your child, the court will likely issue an order that you agree with. There are certain perspectives that a family law court will maintain when honoring the best interests of your child.

Children do best from a psychological development perspective when they have the ability to spend as much time as possible with both of their parents.

If one parent was the primary caretaker of the children, the court will try to maintain this relationship in the child custody arrangements. For example, the court may favor the primary caretaker if it has to decide between the two parents in a debate over who the children will live with.

If the parents can work with one another and live relatively close to one another, a modern family law court may favor the idea of 50/50 physical custody.

The court will ensure that both parents have a suitable home for the children to live in or visit. The court will also seek to determine which parent can provide the most comfortable and caring living arrangements for the children.

The court will want to see that both parents are supportive toward their children having a healthy relationship with the child’s other parent, grandparents and extended family members.

Are you worried about whether you’ll receive custody of your child(ren) in your divorce? Learn how Texas courts will support your child’s best interests and align yourself with this perspective as best you can.




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