Coparents: Be clear with guidelines for pickups and dropoffs

| Jun 29, 2018 | Family Law

One of the worst things any coparent could have to deal with is when the other parent is incessantly late to pickups and drop-offs. On a weekly basis, this tardiness will eat into the time and schedule of the on-time parent creating stress and scheduling conflicts. As such, it’s important to include clear language in any parenting agreement to cover the problem of a parent who can’t seem to ever show up on time.

Here’s what you should include:

  • If one parent can’t exercise his or her parenting time on a particular week, he or she my notify the other parent as soon as possible.
  • If the a noncustodial parent is going to show up late, then he or she must notify the other parent as early as possible. If the custodial parent is made to wait for a pickup longer than 30 minutes after the scheduled pickup time, the visitation will be canceled until the next one.
  • If the child is ill and can’t participate in visitation time, the custodial parent must notify the noncustodial parent of the canceled visitation as early as possible.
  • The parenting time scheduling can be changed, but only if both parents agree to the alterations.
  • The parents agree to adjust the parenting schedules fairly when there is a reasonable request for modification due to illness, other commitments and family obligations.
  • The custodial parent will give the noncustodial parent scheduled “make-up” time in reasonable situations.

By including the above language in your child custody agreement, you may circumvent a lot of headaches in the case that the other parent is perpetually late or irresponsibly misses scheduled pickup and drop-off times.




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