Parenting provisions that cover other relationships

| Jun 4, 2018 | Child Custody

Our children develop meaningful relationships with a lot more people than just their mothers, fathers and siblings. Children, for example, might build a relationship with one of their parent’s romantic partners, an aunt, an uncle, a family friend, a coach or a teacher. Some of these relations might be good for the child and some of them might be bad for the child, so parents might want to put some guidelines in the parenting plan that seek to allow and/or limit the nature of these relationships.

Here are a few rules parents can codify in writing in their parenting plans:

  • The parents agree not to allow the children to spend the night at a romantic partner’s home without first consulting the other parent.
  • The parents agree that the children will not have contact with specific people listed in the parenting plan.
  • The parents agree that children will only have contact with specific people if one of the parents is present at all times.
  • The parents agree that the grandparents will have the ability to visit with the children. The parents agree that paternal grandparents will visit with the children during the father’s visitation time and the maternal grandparents will visit with the children during the mother’s visitation time.
  • The parents agree to be flexible with visitations to ensure that the children maintain close bonds with their half-siblings, stepsiblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, other relatives and family friends.
  • The parents agree that their visitation schedules will not interfere with specific sporting, extracurricular, art, music or dance events or activities that are important to the child.

If you have questions about how to create a well-thought-out parenting agreement, you may want to investigate the various planning options and strategies employed by other Texas adults.

Source: CustodyXChange, “Parenting Guidelines,” accessed May 31, 2018




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