What are the signs of a cheating spouse?

| Jun 21, 2018 | Child Custody

By entering into a marriage with another person, the vast majority of spouses are right to assume that their husbands or wives will be faithful to them. This means that the husband or wife will not engage in sexual behavior or other forms of emotionally intimate relationships with other people. Unfortunately, not all spouses are capable of being faithful in this regard, which is why infidelity is one of the most common causes of divorce.

If you suspect that your spouse may be unfaithful, here are a few signs you should watch out for:

  • Frequent changing of passwords: Perhaps you used to have unfettered access to your spouse’s email, but now the password has changed. This could be a cause for concern that you spouse wants to hide something.
  • A “single looking” social media profile: Spouses who want to cheat or are open to cheating are more likely to have social media accounts that appear “single.” If you spouse appears to be spending more time on social media, you might want to get curious.
  • Cellphone use: If your spouse answers the phone and goes into another room to talk, you might want to consider who he or she is talking to.
  • A decreased desire for intimate moments: If your spouse doesn’t want to be intimate with you as much as in the past, it might be a sign that he or she is fulfilling these needs with someone else.

This list of “clues” can be helpful for spouses who suspect that their husbands or wives are cheating. However, it’s important not to jump to conclusions. Be calm, curious and collected and don’t take action until you know for sure that your spouse is no longer being faithful in your marriage. Once you know for sure, you can move on to the next step of either repairing your marriage or filing for a divorce.




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