Strategic planning for your parenting agreement

| Jul 27, 2018 | Child Custody

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if divorce were pain- and stress- free? Wouldn’t it be great if two spouses simply had to walk into their local courthouse, spend a few minutes signing some papers and walk out divorced? Unfortunately, due to the complexity of dividing marital assets, this kind of simplicity isn’t likely to be possible. Especially, it will not be possible for two parents who need to consider and decide a wide variety of important matters pertaining to their children.

When two parents are getting divorced in Texas, they need to codify their decisions about child custody and parenting time in a parenting agreement, and it could take some carefully considered negotiations before such a parenting agreement is complete. Here’s what parents should include in such a document:

Conflict resolution

Parents should indicate how they will resolve disputes when and if they should arise. Some parents, for example, may choose to indicate that they will resolve disputes via a family therapist or family counselor, mediator or arbitrator.

The child’s living circumstances

This is a question of physical child custody. Parents need to clearly determine in the parenting agreement if one parent will have sole physical custody or if both parents will share physical custody.

A plan for visits with the noncustodial parent

Parents need to include a clearly written guide for child visitations with the noncustodial parent. This visitation plan should be clear, yet flexible enough that it can grow with the changing needs of the family and child.

There are a lot more points that two parents should cover in their Texas parenting plan. Be sure to research all of your options before finalizing and agreeing to your parenting plan in the Fort Worth area.




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