Communication problems, fighting and divorce

| Sep 6, 2018 | Divorce

One of the easiest ways to bring any relationship to a close is to simply stop talking. Relationships require an exchange of ideas and a sense of connection through words to flourish. It’s also important for that communication to be respectful and healthy. If there is plenty of communication but it’s filled with contention, aggression and fighting, this can also bring a marriage to a close.

Let’s look a little bit closer at communication problems related to not enough quality communication and constant fighting in a marriage and how they lead to divorce:

Not enough quality communication

When couples can’t communicate effectively, both sides will begin to feel frustrated and they may even resent one another. A lack of communication could develop as a result of constant fighting. Eventually, one spouse may give up and simply become quiet, or spouses may hide their true feelings and intentions from one another to avoid a difficult and ugly fight.

Constant fighting in a marriage

The chemistry between two people can result in constant fighting, and when this happens, it will weigh down the body, mind and spirit. It’s not unheard of for two spouses to spend a lifetime bickering and fighting, but it’s also common for one or the other spouses to get realistic and decide that enough is enough.

Couples counseling can help two spouses overcome their differences in some cases. Other times, there exists a legitimate point of disagreement or “disconnect” that the spouses cannot overcome. If this is the case in your marital union, taking the necessary steps to divorce peacefully and respectfully could be the best way to resolve the problem.




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