These 3 mistakes will make your divorce worse than it needs to be

| Sep 19, 2018 | Divorce

There are certain things that divorcing spouses do, time and time again, that make their divorces much worse than they have to be. The list of divorce “mistakes” is long, and that’s why separating spouses can benefit from working with an experienced attorney who can guide them away from common pitfalls.

Here are three marriage dissolution pitfalls that divorce lawyers are often helping their clients avoid:

Forgetting to change wills and trusts after a divorce

In the wake of a divorce, spouses need to adjust their wills, trusts and beneficiary designations on financial accounts. Failing to do this could result in disaster for the divorcing person’s loved ones if that person dies unexpectedly. If you want to ensure that the right people receive your inheritance after your death, make sure your estate planning documentation is up to speed.

Getting into a contentious divorce battle

In many cases, a contentious divorce battle will end up costing spouses more money than it saves them. If at all possible, the wisest course of action is to diplomatically navigate disputes to arrive at a peaceful and equitable compromise.

Involving the children in arguments

When two spouses put their children between them and make them a part of their relationship arguments, it hurts the children on psychological and emotional levels. It can also result in parental alienation, which can result in a life-time of problems and complications for the children and both parents.

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