Do I need a prenup? Take our prenuptial agreement quiz

| Oct 28, 2018 | Prenuptial Agreements

Most Texas residents can recognize the utility of a prenuptial agreement even if they believe it’s not very romantic. The question is, when does the need for a prenuptial agreement trump one’s concerns about “losing the feeling of romance?”

If you’re wondering this before getting married, you might want to consider the following questions on our prenuptial agreement quiz:

— Do you own any real estate?

— Do you possess over $50,000 in personal assets?

— Does your income exceed $100,000 annually?

— Are you part or full owner in any businesses?

— Have you saved substantial retirement assets?

— Do you participate in an employee stock option, profit sharing or benefits plan?

— Do you plan to go back to school and obtain an advanced agree — or does your future spouse plan to — while the other spouse continues to work?

— Does your estate plan list beneficiaries who aren’t your future spouse? In many cases, spouses who have children from a prior marriage will list their children as the primary beneficiaries of their estates.

When you answer “yes” to any of the questions above, it’s likely that a prenuptial agreement will be very useful to protect your financial rights going into a marriage. If you answered “no” to all the questions, there’s also the possibility of benefiting from a prenuptial agreement but it is probably not as pressing of a concern.

To discuss whether a prenup is right for you and your spouse — and what such a premarital document might look like — you may want to reach out to our law firm. We are available to assist you in all of your legal needs pertaining to your prenuptial agreement.




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