Should I get a divorce now or wait for things to improve?

| Oct 3, 2018 | Divorce

The question of timing when it comes to a divorce is a highly personal one. However, for the spouse who asks the question, “Should I get a divorce now or wait for things to improve?” it may be far too late to save the marriage. Marriage and couples counseling have done wonders for countless Fort Worth spouses, but if you’re not genuinely eager to heal your marriage and repair your relationship, you might want to consider calling it quits on your marital union and filing for divorce as soon as you possibly can.

Also, you might want to immediately end your marriage if you’re suffering from one of the following divorce-causing scenarios:

A spouse with serious addiction problems

If you’re married to someone who is dealing with a serious addiction or substance abuse problem, and this issue is causing you or your children a great deal of strife, you might want to consider ending your relationship — especially if your spouse has proven time and time again that he or she is either unable or unwilling to kick the habit. No one will ever end an addiction until he or she wants to end the addiction. Unfortunately, even as the person’s spouse, you may be powerless to influence the person to better his or her situation.

A spouse who is abusive in any way

Abuse comes in countless forms. There’s physical abuse, verbal abuse, psychological abuse, economic abuse, child abuse and more. If you’re facing the brunt of this abuse — and especially if your children are — seek help from a community support group immediately. Also, contact the police to ensure that you receive adequate protection and support to separate from your abusive spouse safely.

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